Issuance of qualified certificate into a mobile device

This wizard will guide you through the process at the end of which there will be a software-based qualified certificate available in your mobile device. You will then be able to use it to sign documents with an advanced electronic signature.

The process can only be started from a personal computer where the most of its steps will be performed. Wizard will inform you in case any of the steps needs to be performed on your mobile device. The process usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

Before you start the process please make sure you have:

  • a mobile device (phone, tablet etc.) connected to the internet,
  • a personal computer connected to the internet,
  • a smart card reader with Slovak national identity card connected to your computer,
  • a valid qualified certificate for electronic signature present on your Slovak national identity card - it can be obtained remotely,
  • support software for Slovak national identity card installed on your computer - it can be downloaded from

During the process you will install:


Note: As an alternative to this process the Disig Web Signer Mobile application can also use P12/PFX file with a software-based qualified certificate issued by any qualified trust service provider operating in any Member State of the European Union.

The process in Slovak language can be started by clicking on the button „Start the process“.